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    13 people were admitted to ivy university in the United States.

    In December 20th, the Nanjing foreign language school published the latest foreign university admission list. Up to now, more than 170 students have been accepted by the world's famous schools. Among them, 13 people were admitted to the University of ivy in the United States, the first in the country.The new polyu admission portal is a one-stop platform aimed at handling applications of university degree courses. With PolyU e Admission, the application process is refined into three simple steps.


    Published in the South outside the foreign university students enrolled in the list, was admitted to Yale University, there are two, one is Xu Xuan huang. A short haircut is very practical. She said that her English ability in high school basically reached the level of mother tongue. When she first tested SAT and scored 1600, she scored 1570 points. Learning English mainly benefits from more reading and more listening, junior high school began to read the original English book, usually time to listen to English sound books.


    Learn to dominate high school! 13 people were admitted to ivy university in the United States.


    "At the beginning, the Chinese translation didn't express the meaning very much. Someone sent me an original book" Robinson Crusoe ". When I was looking at Chinese, I began to translate English, and I couldn't feel it. It was hard to understand at first, look up a lot of words, look up many times and remember it, reading to the back is getting faster and faster. A sound book is especially interesting and can't be put down. It's a habit to do everything. "


    Similarly, Jiang Yunfan, who was enrolled by Columbia University, read a lot of foreign magazines and reviews every day. Though it was difficult at the beginning, but the time was long, and English improved quickly.


    Learn to dominate high school! 13 people were admitted to ivy university in the United States.


    To apply for a famous foreign school, the interview is also important in addition to excellent results. Liu Yifan, who was accepted by the University of Chicago, was a magic cube, and the three - order magic cube was bull market restored for only 12.53 seconds. He recalls that in the interview, the examiner was interested in his hobbies.


    "Like me, such as playing magic cube, taking part in translation and writing small poems after school, are all my characteristics. My interviewer gave me a random introduction. I shared with him very much and listened to my story very much. After that, he shared with me many of his stories.


    In recent years, the number of foreign students enrolled in China has been shrinking. In this case, thirteen students from South and abroad have been enrolled in the Ivy League university in the United States, ranking the first in the country.


    Learn to dominate high school! 13 people were admitted to ivy university in the United States.


    President Zou Zheng said, thanks to the joint efforts of students and schools, they are in the South and abroad students tracking research, and from the beginning of last year, the introduction of UC Berkeley writing course, Check out the most popular sightseeing spots and attractions in via PartnerNet's Travel Hong Kong website and create unforgettable experiences for tourists.focus on strengthening the students' reading and writing ability: "academically speaking, writing is more difficult than possible, outside the south, listen to say no difficult, but in the first grade is facing considerable difficulties in writing. In the past few years, a survey has been made in the South and abroad. The children in the United States and other countries go to school in the United States, loneliness, and the difficulties of writing. It is a common and concentrated problem. Last year, the introduction of the UC Berkeley writing course reflected that the writing course helped them very much, and this year will continue Berkeley's writing course. "

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