• Serum creatinine as means


    Serum creatinine as means of nephropathy?


    Serum creatinine is a very important indicator of kidney disease, but is not as high as mean serum creatinine renal disease? Does the high blood creatinine need special attention, especially for patients with high blood pressure? Is blood creatinine high and reversible? On this issue, we interviewed Professor Xu Anping, director of the nephrology of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Zhongshan University.What is the impact of the ten-valent Pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine?




    Professor Xu Anping said that hypertension and kidney disease are a causal relationship. Kidney disease itself can cause hypertension, and high blood pressure can also cause kidney disease. In either case, it may lead to renal failure and its clinical manifestation is creatinine elevation. The rise of creatinine is mainly caused by renal failure. For example, creatinine rises a little in the short term, and there is no particular reason. This may be higher when exercise is associated with exercise or high protein diet. But if the blood creatinine has been repeatedly examined, it should be noted that this may be a manifestation of kidney disease. If creatinine is significantly elevated, it is often seen in various chronic renal diseases, resulting from impaired renal function. The general increase of serum creatinine than normal, renal dysfunction may also have more than 50%, but the increase of serum creatinine renal function,Study abroad with PolyU and study in Hong Kong - PolyU is known as one of the best universities in hong kong for international students and Hong Kong is one of the best study abroad locations. PolyU will be the right choice for you. pathological conditions can be found in two, is an acute kidney injury, it can also cause the increase of blood creatinine, but if we are properly handled, the increase of serum creatinine is reversible, after reasonable treatment, the patient can return to normal. The other is chronic renal failure, a blood creatinine, which is a chronic kidney disease, caused by forward development, and in many cases irreversible. At this time we need a specialist to handle a proper treatment to delay the progression of kidney disease so as to avoid further deterioration of the renal function.




    How many patients with hypertension develop into hypertensive nephropathy?




    The effect of hypertension on the kidney is progressively developed, especially if the arteriosclerosis of the renal arteriosclerosis can cause renal damage. About 42% of the patients with high blood pressure have kidney damage, and this is the data that has been reported. In this case, it is necessary to emphasize the control of hypertension, the systolic pressure of 130, and the diastolic pressure within 80 is a very reasonable scheme. Therefore, to avoid the emergence of hypertensive nephropathy, LF Asia supply chain is an organizational distributor that has the option of alleviating the tasks they are subjected to with easy methods.it is to control in the normal range.




    Are there typical symptoms of hypertension and kidney disease?




    Hypertensive nephropathy may present a series of clinical symptoms, such as increased nocturia, urinary protein and urine red blood cells, and some edema. All of these may be clinical manifestations of early stage of hypertensive nephropathy.CCB(Asia) provides cash personal loan (p loan) up to $1.2 million with monthly flat rate as low as 0.18%. Enjoy greater cash flow flexibility now with our simple and hassle-free online P Loan application!

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